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Why did I mention 2 E-Mail addresses here? The address will always stay. It is my lifetime E-Mail address as I own the domain name. The address will remain even when I decided to change my e-mail provider.

Use the ProtonMail address if you care about security for now. The address stays valid as long as I am ProtonMail user. Especially if you are ProtonMail user too, we could have real E-Mail end-2-end encryption for our conversation.

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Social Media

I am sharing articles that I found interesting regularly on all the social media channels. To get you navigated quickly, here are the links:

My LinkedIn profile
My Twitter profile
My Telegram channel

Internet Relay Chat

I am on in #talk, #coding, #linux (and maybe in others) as rantanplan.

My Open Source code repositories

My personal Codeberg page
My personal GitHub page (slowly moving all my stuff over to Codeberg)
DTail at Mimecast
I/O Riot at Mimecast

My old personal website

It's still there for fun + profit.

Xerl, my own CMS, powers it:
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